In the event of returning products for services or further analysis, please submit your RMA request. Once completed, our supporting staff will contact you and an RMA number will be assigned. Before submitting your request, please first read and agree terms and conditions below.

  • An RMA number must be obtained prior to product return. Any product and/or part delivered to Poindus without a valid RMA number is NOT acceptable and will be immediately returned back to original sender at sender’s expense.

  • When RMA Reference is assigned to the product, the customer has 14 business days to authorize or decline the RMA. If no return or decision has been made after 14 days, the RMA number will be void.

  • Freight charges may vary upon warranty status. Please refer to the Poindus Warranty Policy for more details.

  • Please call or email your regional Poindus Support for any questions.



Important: If key components (e.g. CPU, RAM, HDD, Peripherals) are included with the System Unit/MB, please mark clear spec (e.g. CPU speed, RAM/HDD size) on this form. Poindus is not responsible for missing components that are not stated on this RMA request form. Note: In order to quickly track the RMA goods, please attach a copy of the request form on the returned carton.



Poindus退貨政策允許直接從Poindus購買的產品,例如經銷商市場上的零件或物品,必須由原始購買者在購買日期後的最初15天內退還(出於樣品評估的目的,最多30天)天)。必須首先按照第2節中的規定獲得Poindus RMA。退款將是購買者實際支付的購買價格減去每件退還的商品10%的進貨費用。運費和手續費不予退還。


RMA (退貨授權)

必須在退貨之前獲得RMA編號。沒有一個有效的RMA號交付給Poindus任何產品和/或部分是 不接受的,並會在發送者的費用立即返回到原始發件人。可以在線請求RMA編號,並且自發行之日起14個工作日內有效。客戶負責並必須預付所有運費,並承擔在運輸到Poindus期間產品丟失或損壞的所有風險。如果產品退回Poindus(a)沒有Poindus RMA編號,和/或(b)在14個工作日之後,和/或(c)沒有適當的包裝,則Poindus保留拒絕交付此類退貨或可能退貨的權利將產品交付給客戶,費用由客戶承擔,且不退款。