DataVan to lead many Taiwan's industries to achieve digital transformation

With the global metaverse trend entering a fever pitch, the market value is estimated to surpass one trillion dollars by 2030. Taiwan, as the semiconductor kingdom, is seizing international market opportunities and leading a wave of "web3.0 digital transformation" among domestic enterprises, becoming a key focus of promotion.

The highly anticipated "Web 3.0 Digital Transformation Ecosystem Integration and Communication Conference" was held last week on August 30 at the Sheraton Hotel in Taipei. The event brought together nearly 250 guests from industry, government, academia, and research, and invited multiple experts and scholars to discuss the topics of "Metaverse Cross-Domain and Cross-Industry Virtual-Real Integration Applications" and "Current Status of Blockchain Applications in Taiwan".

The highlight of the event was DataVan International Corporation (3521.TWO), an OTC-listed company with years of experience in retail, restaurant POS systems, and intelligent devices. It has successfully partnered with dozens of traditional industries and metaverse technology teams to establish the "Metaverse Business Application Center," leading many domestic industries to achieve digital transformation. Such as JOIN IT, a cloud-based intelligent platform features advanced technologies such as "DID anonymous member sharing application technology", not only protects members' personal information but also enables member sharing between groups. Its one-click wallet generation technology can also lead many Web 2.0 e-commerce applications to transition to the metaverse world of Web 3.0.

Hong-Tai Chang, President of DataVan International Corporation, stated that the company has been dedicated to restaurant POS systems and intelligent devices for a long time, and has integrated with multiple enterprises and metaverse technology teams. The collaboration with Joinit allows for point sharing integration and is a critical enabler for creating the Web 3.0 world.

Source: Commercial Times https://ctee.com.tw/industrynews/technology/709620.html