DataVan establishes Metaverse Business Application Center

DataVan International Corporation (3521.TWO) and JOIN IT Sustainable Tech have joined forces to establish the "JOIN IT & DataVan Metaverse Business Application Center". On December 15th, a joint signing ceremony was held with the well-known sports underwear brand S'dare. Representatives from the Buzen City Office, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan also attended to express their interest in utilizing blockchain technology to expand communication between Taiwan and Japan.

With the timing of the opening of national borders, the team at the Buzen City Office in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, praised the innovative approach of DID members' cooperative technology. It is hoped that through new startup technology, it will be possible to quickly link member benefits of businesses in both Taiwan and Japan, while also incorporating a secure verification mechanism using blockchain technology. This will promote tourism and consumer incentives. By deepening Taiwan-Japan tourism exchanges, implementing the Executive Yuan's policy of stimulating economic vitality, optimizing Taiwan-Japan tourism industry and economic benefits, and expanding employment opportunities.

In addition to utilizing the key blockchain technology, this collaboration with the Taiwan's leading POS manufacturer, DataVan, integrates years of experience in the physical equipment, research and development, and sales of POS terminals. Through the integration of online verification and offline equipment operations, this practical case will become the leader in domestic blockchain technology applications. It also contributes to the digital transformation and economic development of the industry, and hopes to assist companies in achieving the transformation and development of WEB 3.0 through multi-faceted applications.

Content and photo source: https://www.cna.com.tw/postwrite/chi/331588