DataVan International Corporation flexes at Computex, showcasing new innovative smart hotels, retail POS for AI era

In the post-epidemic era, changes in consumer behavior and the rapid expansion of chain businesses have brought new challenges to industries such as retail catering and medical care. In response to this trend, DataVan International Corporation, which has been deeply involved in the point-of-sales (POS) industry for many years, set "Smart Hotel" as its theme at Computex 2024 and showcased innovative products and solutions spanning the fields of smart catering, self-service, AI applications and more.

DataVan International Corporation, established in POS products, has made significant progress in software development and customer base expansion in recent years. While continuing to delve into the retail and catering industry, the company has also extended its products into finance, healthcare, and other fields. Zhou Ji-Ping, Chairman of DataVan International Corporation, pointed out that advancements in AI technology have allowed POS products to become one of the fastest industrial equipment in adopting this technology.

Take the catering industry as an example. The role played by the POS system in this field has evolved into an intelligent big data platform that connects all aspects. When customers order food from the front desk, the relevant information is not only transmitted to the kitchen and accounting department but will also be transmitted simultaneously to the head office systems. There, personnel in each department can carry out their respective tasks by classifying and distributing data.

DataVan International Corporation Grows with Customers by Keeping POS Functions Up-to-date

Zhou went on to illustrate that the functions and roles of POS systems have continued to evolve since inception. From the earliest function as a mere cashier, POS products have since evolved to handle accounting work and manage purchase, sale, and inventory of goods. Almost 20 years ago, POS began to undertake simple customer data collection and incorporate portable inventory equipment and network connectivity.

In recent years, the addition of technologies, such as sensors, big data, and AI, has catapulted POS systems to the core operations of the retail and catering industry, assisting businesses in implementing the vision of precise data-driven operations. Throughout this process, DataVan International Corporation has applied its technical capabilities and design services to meet market needs by providing more advanced and comprehensive intelligent solutions to assist in customer transformation and promote digitalization for enterprises in varying fields.

Recently, the company has been engaging in AI research and development in full force, as well as closely observing market trends to launch a series of solutions. Zhou expressed that the labor shortage caused by the declining birthrate continues to plague many sectors in Taiwan.

Coupled with changes in people's behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of self-service and unmanned stores is increasing. Due to this trend, be it the catering, retail, hotel, gyms, or medical institution industries, they all require intelligent platforms that are intuitive, easy to operate, and highly integrated with various systems within their field to reduce labor requirements while meeting the requirements for management and service quality. At COMPUTEX 2024, DataVan International Corporation used "Smart Hotel" as its theme to demonstrate how the company's innovative solutions assist customers in creating comprehensive smart applications.

DataVan International Corporation Builds Smart Hotel Application Scenarios to Showcase Technical Capabilities

When entering the DataVan International Corporation booth, visitors are greeted by a self-service check-in machine. Travelers can quickly complete check-in procedures without waiting in line.

The machine can identify and authenticate travelers quickly via Optical Character Recognition (OCR), complete the check-in process, and grant the key card efficiently. After entering the hotel, travelers can enjoy a convenient dining experience through the smart catering platform.

The unmanned ordering machine supports multiple languages ​​and provides information through a detailed menu. Seamless integration of the ordering equipment with the back-end KDS (Kitchen Display System) drastically improves the efficiency and accuracy of meal delivery.

In terms of entertainment and ticketing, DataVan International Corporation demonstrates the smart wristband solution developed in cooperation with Japan's Tensheng Company. Travelers only need to wear a stylish wristband to use the hotel's gym, swimming pool, and other facilities.

The QR code on the wristband can be used for identification and bill payment, thereby eliminating the need to carry cash or credit cards. This innovative smart wristband is not limited to be used within hotels.

It can also be connected to a wide variety of external systems to provide multiple services. For example, with the concert economy or sports events that have emerged in recent years, hotels can cooperate with event organizers to provide wristbands with electronic ticket functions connected to a ticketing system, allowing guests to quickly and seamlessly access event venues. The enjoyment of such convenient and unique experiences will create new business opportunities for hotels.

Zhou said that AI technology plays a critical role in DataVan International Corporation's smart hotel scenarios. Travelers can interact with AI customer service at any time through voice, text, and video messaging to obtain information and services. AI customer service can also quickly understand user intentions, provide customized information, and greatly improve the quality and efficiency of services.

In addition to understanding the high-quality experience in smart hotel scenarios enabled by forward-looking technology, DataVan International Corporation's POS and kiosk application solutions will also be on display at COMPUTEX 2024. The POS section features the Amber series that utilizes a 15.6-inch screen and is equipped with the 12th-generation Intel processor.

The series features a thin and light casing design with a stylish aluminum alloy exterior that offers excellent performance. It also contains a unique easy-to-maintain design and smart cooling technology that greatly improve reliability and product life cycle. The Amber series is specifically designed for industries such as catering and retail that emphasize high requirements for the appearance and performance of POS terminals. It is DataVan International Corporation's blockbuster product in the high-end POS market.

In terms of self-service kiosk solutions, a variety of products tailored for different scenarios will be on display with applications covering meal ordering, medical registration, transportation ticketing, and other fields. DataVan International Corporation's kiosk solution integrates advanced human-machine interaction technologies such as facial recognition, voice recognition, and touch controls to provide a smarter and more convenient self-service experience.

From the exhibition content above, the company's technical strength and cross-industry cooperation results are evident. Looking forward to the future, Zhou pointed out that DataVan International Corporation will continue to improve its leading position through existing advantages.

This includes launching a number of innovative products in the second half of 2024, such as the next-generation M-POS (mobile POS) solutions featuring a thin and stylish design, as well as self-service kiosk terminals that support multiple payment methods. In terms of software, cloud services will be launched in the existing smart business management platform to help companies accurately understand market trends through big data analysis and AI technology. As mentioned above, DataVan International Corporation will continue to lead the innovation of POS and kiosk with new technologies that strengthen the company's competitiveness in the new era and meet the transformation requirements of customers in various fields.

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