DataVan to create smart airport with AI retail technologies at COMPUTEX

Taiwan's leading retail equipment manufacturer, DataVan (3521.TWO), has been actively implementing intelligentization strategies in recent years. By introducing new technologies, improving software and hardware integration, and expanding research and development capabilities, DataVan provides clients with comprehensive smart solutions for operation and management, presented at this year's COMPUTEX, one of the largest computer and technology trade shows in the world.

In response to the surge in outbound tourism since the Chinese New Year holidays this year due to the lifting of travel restrictions, DataVan will create a "Smart Airport" on-site at COMPUTEX to optimize the travel and outbound experience with its latest AI retail technologies and equipment. According to DataVan, the reason for choosing "airport" as the scene to showcase its AI solutions is not only to respond to current events, but also because airports include areas such as travel information, duty-free shops, and lounges, which traditionally require a large amount of manpower for reception. By introducing more smart retail solutions with AI technologies, not only can the manpower shortage problem be effectively solved, but the shopping experience of passengers can also be highly optimized. In addition, it can provide store owners with more data analysis, allowing them to formulate more precise marketing strategies, and it is conducive to the successful implementation of more applications.

DataVan states that the focus of smart airport is on the integration of hardware and software, highlighting three major features: The first one is DataVanGPT, an AI recommendation system that utilizes innovative GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology, combined with the latest slim kiosk "Genius" by DataVan, which provides travel, navigation, and recommendation information services through voice queries. It also incorporates e-commerce and membership management system applications, creating greater commercial value. Secondly, AI Vision, which utilizes AI eye-tracking analysis technology, can analyze the direction and time of customers' eye focus in front of the store shelves, and can convert the attention hot zone data into accurate marketing applications with advertising benefits. Thirdly, AI Waiter, a smart voice ordering service system that uses AI voice and intelligent recommendation systems, will be integrated with DataVan's kiosk "Venus", demonstrating an innovative interactive self-service ordering system that can simultaneously use voice recognition and touchscreen.

In addition to the AI systems, DataVan will also showcase a variety of innovative retail application software and hardware, including several new platform-based desktop POS systems, mobile payment terminals, Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), smart beer dispenser, and the cloud POS management platform "DataVan Central" that supports both Windows and Android systems, providing clients with a one-stop-shop service to meet their diverse needs. Welcome to explore DataVan's solutions at K0802 booth.