Soundbox with QR Code Generator

Get real-time voice alert on each payment
Generate dynamic QR Code
Built-in 2.5-inch 6-bit segment code LCD screen
Optional 2.4-inch front LCD screen to display QR code
Long life Li-Ion battery

Voice Feature Provides Helpful Prompts for Payment Results

DPS-1000 supports mobile scanning and NFC contactless electronic wallets, and utilizes its built-in voice prompt feature to notify customers of the payment results, enhancing the completeness and smoothness of the payment process.

Easy Connectivity

DPS-1000 can be connected to desktop or mobile terminals through USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

Enhancing Convenience for Diverse Payment Options

DPS-1000 provides retail and food service businesses with more convenient payment terminal choices, significantly improving customer payment convenience.

Model Number DTS-1000
Processor High Performance 32-bit Secure Processor
Memory Large Capacity Memory
Display 240×320 Dots Matrix TFT LCD, Output Shows Dynamic QR Code, NFC and Transaction Prompts, etc.
NFC Card Reader 13.56MHZ, Support ISO14443
Type A/B, Mifare One Card
Indicator Light NFC 4 Colors State Change (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red)
Voice Broadcast (Optional) Support Voice Broadcast of Related Transaction Information
Communication USB/ GPRS (optional)/ WiFi (optional)
Bluetooth Dual Mode 3.0/4.0 (optional)
Physical Port 1×Micro USB for Power Input, Data Exchange
Buttons 4 Buttons: Power Key, F1, F2, F3
Power Supply Input: 5V 1A
Battery (Optional) Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery: 3.7V,800mAH
Dimensions 65.6×88×18.6 mm
Weight 80 g
Certifications QPBOC 3.0 L1 & L2QR Code Based Payment Terminal Secure Cert.