SBM-021 Self-Service Beer Dispenser

The advanced beer dispenser with innovative technology

Keep beer fresh with unique cooling system
Intuitive user experience with high resolution touch screen
Cloud beer storage management and data visualization
Easy-to-clean modular design
Support cashless payment and electronic invoicing
Robust stainless steel housing

Keep Beer Cold and Fresh with High Technology

Keep beer stay within 2~4℃ with exclusive I09 cooling water circilator
Meet diverse needs through the unique design of flip-up cover with automated manual dispenser


High Convenience for Both Order and Publicity

Touch screen offers not only intuitive user experience, but aso great publicity with rotating ads

Remote Management

Remote management with built-in "DataVan Central" software to monitor real-time device status and sales record, which is helpful for high efficiency and low maintenance cost

Cashless Payment

Fully support cashless payment with standard 2D scanner and optional credit card reader and receipt printer

Easy-to-clean stainless steel housing

Built with robust and antibacterial 304 stainless steel