AI Smart Recommendation System

DataVanGPT using innovative GPT technology allows direct voice interaction
The intelligent AI system dynamically combines popular online itineraries to recommend personalized trips based on users' gender, age, and desired duration
DataVanGPT provides visually appealing recommendations on the screen, allowing users to download them and benefiting businesses by directing traffic
DataVanGPT can integrate e-commerce, membership management, and business membership services, creating greater commercial value for businesses

AI Smart Identification of Feature Requirements Recommends Exclusive Itinerary

DataVanGPT is built on innovative GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) technology and utilizes exclusive AI core technology. It combines kiosks and other terminal devices with user voice interactions, enabling DataVanGPT to intelligently identify users' features and requirements, recommending personalized itineraries.

Creating Greater Business Value

In addition to intelligent recommendations, DataVanGPT can present the recommended results in a visually appealing manner, incorporating discounts, websites, fan pages, and other information from partner businesses for users to download. Furthermore, it offers services such as member management and business memberships, expanding the commercial value of DataVanGPT applications.

Quickly Master the Usage Profile with the Backend Dashboard

DataVanGPT's backend management platform features a clear and visual dashboard that allows administrators to quickly grasp the usage status.

Integrating Kiosks as the Optimal Information Hubs

DataVanGPT combines with Kiosks to act as information hubs in airports, train stations, tourist attractions, shopping malls, or other public spaces, saving labor costs for operators and providing users with a diverse and convenient information hub service.