AI Waiter

Smart Voice Ordering Service System

Revolutionary voice-based ordering with AI technology for quick and intuitive interactions
With AI recognition and big data analysis, the system can recognize customers' gender and age characteristics, intelligently recommending suitable menu items
Integrated into Kiosks, enhancing the efficiency of self-service ordering, and reducing labor costs

AI-Driven Intelligent Ordering Recommendations and Responses

The AI Waiter intelligent ordering service system utilizes AI technology with Natural Language Processing as its core framework, enabling real-time responses to customer demands through AI recommendations.

AI Technology Drives the Evolution of Self-Ordering System

With AI Waiter's smart AI core and big data analysis, not only can it recommend suitable menu items by recognizing customer characteristics, but it can also significantly enhance self-ordering efficiency and save labor costs for businesses, successfully driving the evolution of self-ordering systems with the power of AI.

Perfectly Integrated with Kiosk, Creating a Brand New Smart Ordering Experience

By seamlessly integrating with Kiosk, AI Waiter can provide all food and beverage businesses with a more convenient self-ordering service, offering customers the most accessible smart ordering experience.