AI Vision

Smart Visual Service System

AI Eye Tracking System accurately captures and analyzes customer visual hotspots on shelves
Real-time display of shelf product quantities and constant dynamic updates of inventory data
Relevant data facilitates intelligent and real-time product management, promotional activities, and marketing strategy formulation
The system integrates with POS to record product quantities and enables direct checkout without barcode scanning

AI Vision GAZE Accurately Analyzes Shelf Visual Hotspots Through Eye Tracking

AI Vision incorporates AI Vision GAZE eye tracking technology, which accurately identifies the hotspots where customers' gaze falls on the shelves. This allows sales personnel to strategically display popular products based on these hotspots or increase the rental value of certain shelf spaces, resulting in highly effective marketing and advertising benefits.

AI SNAPSHOP Streamlines Product Management and Checkout with Intelligent Shelf Management

AI Vision also offers the AI SNAPSHOP intelligent shelf management system, which can instantly update inventory numbers whenever customers take or return products. This enables store owners to restock items promptly. Additionally, it can integrate with POS systems to automatically record the list of products taken by customers. This allows for quick checkout at the cashier, saving time on barcode scanning.

Assisting the Retail and Warehousing Industries with Shelf Management for Twice the Efficiency

AI Vision provides businesses with a clear dashboard, making it suitable for retail, warehousing, and any industry that requires shelf management.