Facelook X1


Temp detection and facial recognition integration

Temperature measurement + face recognition access control combined together
8-inch panel exquisite design integrated
Accurate temperature, measurement within 0.5 seconds
Infrared temperature dot matrix analysis supports live detection

All-in-One Application Ready Solution

Face Recognition, Temperature Screening, and Access Control Integrated

Quick and Accurate


Accurate Face Mask Detection Mode

Powered by AI Face Mast Detector.
99% Face Recognition Accuracy in Face Mask Mode.

Large Face Image Database and Pass Record Storage

Face Image Database

24,000 Records


16G (Support TF extend. Max 64G)

Offline Records

50,000 Capture Records, max 160,000

Extend and Integrated via Facelook API

Facelook API
Connect with your own system
Configure base on your latest needs
Extend your system capability
Operations flexibility and efficiency Add-on

Deploy Options