DataVan Central


IoT Device Management Platform

Remote monitor and manage devices
Reduce maintenance cost through connecting all IoT Datavan devices
Over-the-Air software updates
Data visualizatiom
Automated alert notification

Remote Monitor Devices Without Boundary

DataVan Central makes it easy to remotely manage your DataVan IoT devices. With its easy to use interface, you can monitor device health, real time actions to power on/off, troubleshoot problems via PC, laptop, or tablet anywhere and anytime.

Connect More, Perform Better

DataVan Central is powerful to connect all DataVan IoT Devices. It provides an easy and convenient "over-the-air" way to update software. With the connection of DataVan, you can highhly boost business performance and reduce maintenance cost.

Data Visualization

Built In Dashboard supports multiple types of data sources. such as websocket and http stream, to feed in customized widgets, including online map, gauge, sparkline, progress bar, HTML, picture, indicator, to present real-time and statistical device data on dashboard.

Automated Alert Notification

Create alert and real-time actions based on device threshold rules and predictive analytics. Prompt notifications will be sent to administrators via varied messaging services, including email, SMS, LINE, Telegram, or WhatsApp.